10 February 2014

CH8 P1 - The story deepens!

Hi Guys,

I was trying some things, but it didn't quite go the way I planned. Maybe one day in the future. But anyway, sorry to keep you waiting. More pages are coming.

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21 January 2014

Intermission for Improvement

Hi Guys,

Yesterday it would have been normal for a three page update. And I started working on the pages, but part way through I just wasn't happy with the quality of the art work. The story is written and I've taken into consideration feedback that I have gotten from you. I'm excited about how my story can improve with your help. But story aside, I want to make better artwork.

I'll be taking a little extra time to work on a new technique! (Oooo...how exciting :P) This shouldn't be more than a couple weeks. When we come back I'm hoping you'll be satisfied with the improvement.

Tobin Kusuma